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About Sri Vangal

Sri Vangal has a Master’s in Finance and Accounting and a vast experience in understanding, working and re-engineering business processes of businesses in various industries. Sri wanted to leverage his understanding of businesses, high level of professionalism and strong work ethic with a tinge of entrepreneurial spirit , to chart his own course in the business world. With this in mind he started exploring and researching various ideas to make a career transition. This led Sri to study the business of Commercial Real Estate Brokerage. After a detailed study on Commercial Real Estate Brokerage and the various product types associated with it, Sri decided that in order to be a valuable and trusted advisor to his clients he needs to specialize in a specific product type.

Sri Vangal’s foray into Commercial Real Estate specializing in Hotels had its genesis during his 10+ years working as an Information Technology Specialist with a leading American global computer technology corporation implementing high end software for Fortune-500 companies. During this time Sri Vangal lived many a night at hotels which piqued his interest in understanding how they work, what separates a good hotel from a bad hotel and how each hotel brand managed its property, operations and customer experience.

In early 2015 Sri made the decision to join SVN Alliance Hotels the specialty group at SVN. Sri Vangal will be working with SVN hotel and land specialists, to focus on Florida’s huge marketplace and favorite destination to nearly 100 Million visitors.

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